Soft leather soft bottom women's shoes spring beef tendon shoes pregnant women shoes S34

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Our requirements on the product's design philosophy:

1. The pursuit of quality 2. Upper material, softness, flexibility 3. Durable, wear-resistant 4. Comfortable shoe design material choice 5. bring surprises in the light travel 6. modeling lines, floral decorations, etc. 7. color 8 details, handmade

Hold as soft and smooth as cotton.

Our own hand-designed Square on the whole network direct supply, we focus on handmade Square:

Handmade high quality cowhide leather material Sen Department, Japan, Han Fan retro, literary, classic -

Some elegant and some literary

Quiet and restrained a small single shoes

Used on behalf of the retro leather natural cowhide

Sturdy color, perfect for matching cotton-linen-cloth style clothes

This is a restrained, simple shoes, very comfortable casual shoes


Shoe size 34 ~ 43 shoes, fat feet recommended choice one size bigger.

Upper is the first layer of leather, insoles are pigskin, rubber sole soles, non-slip wear ultra-soft lightweight.

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